Why AEPi?

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First and foremost, we are a group of friends: a group of friends who live together, eat together, work together, and hang out together. We are men who seek to enhance our college experience, complimenting our academic pursuits by providing a fun and supportive environment that allows us to thoroughly enjoy everything that the University of Texas and the City of Austin have to offer.

Our brothers benefit from being in an organization in which we offer each other academic and emotional support. We learn how an organization functions and how it takes every man pulling his weight to make it operate smoothly. We are the leaders of Jewish life on campus, and we encourage each other to try new things, to be spontaneous, and to have our house be a place where we can escape the stress that often comes with our rigorous academic course load.

Whether it be going to the gym to workout or play sports together, going to see a movie or a ballgame together, doing homework together, or even just lending a helping hand to one another, we are always there for each other.

  • AEPi is a diverse group of UT undergrads across years, interests, majors, and backgrounds. Brothers build friendships and connections that last a lifetime.
  • AEPi brothers can explore Judaism culturally, spiritually, and socially in a unique way, complementing UT diverse Jewish community.
  • AEPi brothers enjoy opportunities to try things they’ve always wanted to, from paintball to community service projects, while building close friendships.
  • AEPi’s brotherhood is built upon the integrity of our brothers, and respect for each other and the UT community.


Brotherhood in the Gamma Deuteron Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi represents the strongest form of unity and friendship possible. While we share our own ambitions and passions, our goals in the fraternity are similar. We aim to set the standard in all we do. We provide opportunities for all of our brothers to grow, both inside and outside of the Jewish and Greek communities. The close friendships and inseparable bonds formed through AEPi distinguish us from any other organization at UT. Our brotherhood is a result of working, studying, and living together, as well as enjoying unforgettable experiences with each other. To us, AEPi is not just a fraternity, it is our home.

Jewish Experience

What exactly does it mean to be the Jewish fraternity? AEPi maintains a very open Jewish culture that allows each brother to determine the level of his own Jewish involvement and beliefs. Some enjoy being close to fellow Jews on a religious level, while others simply enjoy the unspoken bond that we feel within our brotherhood. The Jewish identities of our brothers are as diverse as our social interests. Many brothers grew up in a very non-religious atmosphere, and some have never attended Shabbat services. Still others grew up with parents who were Rabbis. Despite these differences, we come together to participate in meaningful Jewish experiences. In addition, we are proud of our strong relationships with Hillel and Chabad at UT.


In Alpha Epsilon Pi, we take our education VERY seriously. By joining this fraternity, you have the advantage of knowing someone in relatively every major. As friends and brothers, these people will be glad to both help you study and give you advice on how to achieve your academic goals. At no time will anyone be asked to sacrifice their grades for any chapter event, as your education is the #1 priority. All brothers of our chapter have to adhere to our scholarship guidelines and minimum GPA standards. Also, many of our brothers continue onto graduate, law and medical schools.


Alpha Epsilon Pi is a social organization. We provide a healthy outlet in which students can enjoy college while still getting excellent grades. While our social events never interfere with our educations, we always have a good time. We throw big parties every semester, have mixers with sororities, formals, and consistently have house parties and other great events. AEPi parties always generate a buzz around campus and always include a theme.


Joining a fraternity is a great advantage for your future. You will meet a diverse group of friends who are interested in the same career fields as you are. Older members can help you choose which classes to take, offer advice on graduate schools and admissions tests, and help you in the grad school application process. Also, there are many AEPi alumni (graduated brothers) who already have successful careers in a wide variety of fields. These alumni enjoy helping out fellow brothers and a break like this could make a huge difference in your future.


A primary goal of Alpha Epsilon Pi is to turn our young men into leaders. The fraternity is a structured organization with many positions that require responsibility and leadership. Each brother that joins AEPi has been chosen with the hopes that they may contribute to the dominance and growth of the organization. They will find many opportunities to become leaders, take on responsibility, and socialize with members of other Greek organizations. There are also many leadership opportunities beyond AEPi which our brothers take full advantage of.

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