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Alpha Epsilon Pi has had a long and fruitful existence at The University of Texas at Austin. Over the past 75 years, the Gamma Deuteron chapter has developed great men, leaders, and students. The Gamma Deuteron chapter has a strong history of tradition, brotherhood, and everlasting memories.

We owe our greatness to those who came before us. It is you, the alumni, who developed the Gamma Deuteron chapter into what it is today. We thank you for your many contributions over the years, both tangible and intangible. Your continued support will guide us to sustained greatness as we move forward to a bright future.

1966 Texas AEPi Pledge Class

1966 Texas AEPi Pledge Class

1982 pledge class reunion

Continuing our tradition of maintaining strong ties with our alumni, in Fall 2012 we hosted the 1982 Pledge Class for the 30th anniversary of their membership. Beginning with a Shabbat dinner on Friday night, the weekend rolled along with a Saturday tailgate catered by the Salt Lick prior to a home football win over Baylor. Still extremely close, the ’82 class served as a powerful reminder of the timelessness of AEPi.

1983 Pledge class reunion

Texas AEPi was very excited to welcome back the 1983 pledge class for their 30 year reunion. It is always exciting to see successful brothers come back to Austin from all over the world to continue our brotherhood at Texas AEPi. It is amazing how traditions and culture have been carried through the generations in our chapter. It is a big world, but knowing we have the support and love of those who pledged before us, is an incredible thing. To the 1983 pledge class, thanks for helping make Texas AEPi the amazing brotherhood it is today!


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